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Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer Engineered for Your Application

Whether you need a concrete sealer that includes UV protection, is able to cure at the same time, or is water-based, Clemons Concrete Coatings can hook your business up with a dependable supply. We are constantly exploring ways to improve the performance of all our sealer products while meeting Low VOC standards and offering eco-friendly options. If your architect requires specs, download our easy CSI sheets.

Save Time and Manpower with Cure and Seal

For landscaping, exterior, and interior projects, save some serious time with our combination Cure and Seal products. Available as a solvent or water-based item, you can select a low or high-viscosity version. Several versions are sold with a tint of black, gray, or brown for a professional look without needing a return visit in a few months. It is sold in 1, 5, and 55-gallon drums for all sizes of projects.

Working with Contractors, Resellers, and Municipalities

We love working with all the hardworking contractors across the nation, and we can keep your warehouse stocked. If you opt to add your private label, ask about our wholesale pricing so that you can offer an affordable quote to your dedicated customers. Are you sourcing materials for this year's capital improvements? Speak with our sales department to use purchase orders, invoices, or other government-approved purchasing options. If your group is seeking a specific type of product for your particular need, we would love to speak with you. Our research and development team is constantly testing the limits of new sealant technology.

Receive our latest pricing guide when you click on the Clemons Concrete Coatings contact form, or give our office a ring! We are centrally located in Nashville, TN which means your delivery will reach you in just a few days no matter where your offices are situated.

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